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Michele Lockhart 


Masters of Science - Instructional Technology & Educational Leadership 


Michele Lockhart has provided me with an abundance of knowledge in regards to technology and especially how to integrate it during this remote learning process that I highly recommend her for teaching educational technology.  I have learned how to use various extensions, apps, and websites due to her online teaching webinars.  I have also been able to create assignments and online quizzes. She has taught me how to differentiate online which I didn't really think was possible.  She has opened my eyes to the educational technology possibilities. 

Jessica Santiago - Third Grade Teacher - Ben Franklin Elementary

When Michele assumed her position as a technology coach, I turned to her again, but this time I

became her student. Her openness and enthusiasm as well as her expertise and patience allayed my technological fears. Though I may have been apprehensive, Michele’s enthusiasm is simply infectious. In fact, that energy inspired me to take the risk and head into the foreign waters of technology. As evidence of her teaching ability and her intuitive nature, she let me learn on my terms while always being available to come to my aid. Ironically, by mid-year, she had me instructing the English Department about using technology in the classroom. That is certainly a testament to her abilities as a teacher and a genuinely empathetic person.

Lisa Haines - Language Arts Teacher -  Pennsauken High School

Michele and I collaborated on several projects with my third grade students. I am amazed at what Michele has accomplished with my students.   Within a short period of time, my students were successful in creating a slide presentation that included video, graphics, and animation. Michele is knowledgeable and creative.  I quickly learned how to use several different technology platforms during the short time we worked together.

Patricia Brennan - Third Grade Teacher - G.H. Carson Elementary

I have had the great pleasure of meeting Michele Lockhart(through Zoom) during this time of remote learning.  Michele has been an integral part of leading our district during this time of remote learning.  She keeps the teachers up to date with her informative daily newsletter and webinars.  The webinars have been an incredible resource in helping me increase my repertoire of technological skills, and becoming a more successful on-line teacher.  Michele also makes herself available for individual training and guidance, and she always has such a positive attitude.  It is evident that she loves what she does, and we love having her to help guide us.  Michele would be an incredible asset to your school and students.

Rebecca Capizzi - Fourth and Fifth Math & BSIP Instructor - Intermediate School

During remote learning, Mrs. Lockhart worked doggedly to support teachers and administrators, hosting daily webinars and meeting individually with teachers and principals. Her calm and friendly demeanor allows teachers to build confidence and take risks with technology in their instruction.

Tarah Gillespie - Director of Curriculum

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