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Meet Jamie...CTE Coach and Supervisor...Perkins guide...Former CTE Teacher...

Jamie’s journey began not in the sterile boardroom, but in the vibrant classroom. For over a decade, she ignited young minds across subjects like technology, art, and robotics, witnessing firsthand the power of engaging curricula. But her impact transcended the four walls. As a school board member, she championed policies that resonated not just with students, but with the entire community. Her leadership roles – Ad Hoc Committee Chair, Curriculum Chair, Community Engagement Chair – weren't titles, they were testaments to her dedication to building bridges.


This passion propelled her to the Vocational School District, where she became the guiding force for 19 career paths. From trades to tech, Jamie ensured students weren't just learning, they were launching. Aligning programs with industry standards, forging partnerships with post-secondary institutions – these weren't tasks, they were investments in futures.


But Jamie never stopped learning herself. Workshops, conferences, seminars – her quest for knowledge fueled her innovation in the classroom and beyond. Today, as an educational consultant, she empowers schools, administrators, and educators to embrace excellence. Her narrative isn't just about expertise, it's about transformation. She doesn't just consult, she ignites.


Jamie's story isn't written in board reports, it's etched in the smiles of empowered students, the success of thriving graduates, and the vibrant communities she helped build. In this ever-evolving educational landscape, she's not just an asset, she's a catalyst for change.


Meet Michele...Coach and Supervisor...Technology Integration/AI Advocate...Former ELA and CTE Teacher

Michele Lockhart is a veteran public school educator with over 16 years experience teaching, coaching and supervising. Her background is in high school English, broadcasting, multimedia and public speaking. She served as  a PreK - 12  instructional coach for three years in a district that transformed from a comprehensive high school to a CTE/comprehensive high school. Michele is skilled at technology integration in the classroom and building relevant curriculum that aims to flatten the classroom walls and highlight student skills. She is the founder of The EdTech Experience group that specializes in professional development for career and technical education. She is also the founder of the podcast The EdTech Experience that aims to provide teachers strategies for technology integration and engaging students in learning.  She is currently working as a supervisor in a New Jersey vocational school.


Meet Jeff...HVACR teacher, teacher mentor, industry guy...


Jeff's passion for building doesn't end at factories – it extends to shaping young minds. Having spent 15 years in commercial refrigeration, collaborating with giants like Emerson and the EPA, he transitioned to Pennsauken High, not just to teach, but to create their first HVACR program.


His industry experience wasn't just theoretical. He climbed the ladder from shipping & receiving to plant manager, implementing training programs and boosting production by 50%. Later, as an engineering test technician, he tackled complex challenges like analyzing equipment performance and navigating ever-changing regulations.


Education opened new doors. Building the HVACR program wasn't just a job; it was a journey. Witnessing students flourish by applying their skills in real-world scenarios fueled his dedication. He even pursued his teaching certification, demonstrating his commitment to continuous improvement.


Today, Jeff's program combines hands-on training with academics, empowering students to find confidence and success in their chosen trade. His diverse expertise, coupled with his passion for education, makes him an invaluable asset to Pennsauken High and beyond.

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